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I finally got around to setting up an Email Signature for sending professional emails. I used this free tool to get started with a template. The tool has a few nice templates that users can play around with right out of the box. Adjusting colors and fonts to fit your brand is pretty straightforward.

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

I set up general styling using the “Bease Fox” template, then copy and pasted the work in progress to my email client’s signature editor. In Gmail, this is accessed by hitting the ⚙️ icon ➡️ “See All Settings” ➡️ “General” settings ➡️ “Signature”. …

Dark Mode is popular, and for good reason. Does it require less energy? Only on some devices. Does it reduce eyestrain? It actually doesn’t. Does it look damn good? Absolutely.

The undertaking of creating a Dark Mode for your personal website is a pursuit that shouldn’t just follow a trend, it should augment your user experience and align with your brand.

Demonstration of Dark Mode
Demonstration of Dark Mode
Photo by Sten Ritterfeld on Unsplash

Configuring a Dark Mode is quite simple. This walkthrough will take you through one method developers can use to design and code one on their own website. …

Recently I was asked to answer this question in order to provide feedback on the Pair Programming curriculum at Practicum by Yandex, the school at which I’ve been studying full-stack web development for about five months. Throughout my studies, I’ve been attending weekly webinars intended to teach the practice and methodology of Pair Programming.

The feedback is meant to I figured this would make for a good blog post, a place to discuss what pair programming is, why it’s useful, and how to do it.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

What is Pair Programming?

Pair Programming is a software development technique in which two developers work together on the…

Something I learned about recently is HTML5’s Data Attributes

data-* attributes allow us to store extra information on standard, semantic HTML elements without other hacks such as non-standard attributes, or extra properties on DOM.

Photo by Jackson So on Unsplash

In other words, Data Attributes allow us to store data in your markup that you can access easily in your CSS and JS in order to expand the potential of your page styling and behavior.


<p class="item" data-price="3">Apple: $3</p>
<p class="item" data-price="4">Orange: $4</p>
<p class="item" data-price="10">Pineapple: $10</p>
<p class="total"></p>
// JS
const foods = document.querySelectorAll('.item');
const totalElement = document.querySelector('.total');
let total = 0;

When I sit down to code in the evening, my usual focus space is in a window nook in my family room surrounded on three sides by windows. In the chill of spring in New Hampshire, I’ll typically find myself in a cozy sweater, with a cup of tea, looking through my reflection out over a yard of slowly melting slush.

I began learning CSS Grid on a particularly chilly evening, taking frequent breaks to stare into space at the reflection of my sweater in the window, and I had the idea to create my own iteration of the segmented…

Jake McCambley

Learning to code by teaching others — Living at the cross section of tech, music, and the outdoors — Currently studying Web Development at Practicum by Yandex.

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